Executive Workshop
Designed to achieve creative perfection
This Course is unique in design, innovative in content and specifically created to meet the needs of students with strong classic skills. This teaching concept will encourage confidence in precision cutting and colouring. it is our vision to develop each stylist's  creative vision. You will immerse yourself in contemporary hairstyling while grasping a strong sense of modern hair techniques. This course consists of demonstrations, as well as practical work sessions in advanced cutting and colouring techniques.this workshop will take to the next level !!!

Suitability: Hairdressers should ideally have at least two years' experience as a qualified hairdresser

Duration: 5 days

  • Advanced cutting and colouring techniques
  • Choose appropriate section angles for desired effects
  • Fashion/trend predictions in hair
  • Job shadowing Vikas Marwah at work
  • Personalising and finishing techniques
  • Free hand cutting techniques
  • Judge and understand distinctions in hair texture, density, and formation
  • Excellet client care
  • Detailed tutorials
  • Advanced layering, graduation and variations
  • Advanced men's haircutting
  • Judge and understand hair texture, density, and formation
  • Use freehand cutting and razor techniques
  • Disconnection cutting techniques
  • Work with color placements for various lengths and shapes
  • Learn quick and easy salon color techniques
  • Experiment with multidimensional effects in color