Men's Hairdressing Course
A lucrative and invigorating exercise in barbeing
Men's Haircutting class is designed for experienced hairdressers who are skilled at classic styling. This course will help build amazing confidence and expand your skills as you uncover the crucial techniques, tools, and approaches to keep your male clientele looking their best. The course encompasses all hair lengths and will leave you skilled in the dedicated cutting, styling and Finishing Techniques found in Barbering.

Suitability: Strong background in Classic Haircutting

Duration: 8-10 days

  • Learning face shapes and suitability for the individual
  • Finishing and perfecting the final look
  • Men's hair styling for films and photo-shoots
  • Advice on client communication and consultation skills
  • Technical foundation in all core techniques
  • Practical workshops and demonstrations
  • Increased confidence and precision
  • Refreshing techniques/upgrading skills
  • Technical theory
  • Learn on a mannequin
  • Practice on models
  • Perform 1-2 haircuts per day
  • Informational DVDs and hair cutting videos
Haircuts: men's cutting techniques creates strong ,masculine shapes on varying lengths & textures
they include
  • Mens graduated layers
  • Textured crop
  • Spike hair
  • Buzz cut
  • Mohawk
  • Faux hawk

Men's cutting will include the following techniques:
  • Work with clipper-over-comb techniques
  • Work with scissor-over-comb techniques
  • Practice short layered variations
  • Fade Art
  • Learn graduation
  • Understand men's refining techniques
  • Learn how to create the ultimate men's service experience
  • Learn when to choose razor over scissors
  • Conquer awkward hairlines and cowlicks
  • Work with live models and mannequins
  • Contemporary cutting, shapes and textures
  • Total image creation
  • Men's Coloring Techniques
  • Cross checking