5 Easy Ways to Nourish Hair this Summer

1. Washing your hair is a must: Increase the number of washes in a week. It will avoid accumulation of sweat on the scalp, and keep your hair clean and shiny.

2. Choose the right shampoo: Use a shampoo that addresses the problem of sweat, and does not strip your scalp. You cannot have a good building if the foundation is weak, so you have to have a strong scalp to maintain good quality hair.

3. Shampoo to suit the purpose: Use moisture or hydration shampoo and NOT creamy or heavy shampoo during summer.

4. How to use conditioners: The trick is to mix water with conditioners and use a little diluted version. It will not make hair feel heavy yet keep it moisturised

5.Right time for a hair cut: The hair grows faster in summer making it the perfect reason for you to chop the crop. There are more split ends due to tying of hair, and pinning up too–the hair cut avoids this for sure. A hair cut can change how you look in the same attire, giving you an easy makeover.


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