How To Pick The Best Hair Brush For Fine To Thick Hair

The right hair brush can make a huge difference in the success of your hair style, if you choose the shape and material that are right for your fine or thick hair, and for your hair styling goals.

1. Best Blow Dry Brush

You have: Fine hair, medium hair

You want: Volume when you blow dry your hair.

Use this type of styling brush: A round, boar-bristle brush

A round brush gives you hair volume where you need it—at the root. It also creates nice body throughout your hair. The larger the round brush, the looser your hair will be, so if you want lots of volume, use a small round brush; if you want a straighter result2. Best Hair

2.Brush for Shiny Hair

You have: Fine hair, medium hair

You want: Loads of hair shine

Use this type of styling brush: A cushioned, oval boar-bristle brush

Boar bristle not only smooths hair like crazy, it detangles and distributes hair’s natural oils evenly through strands. The result is soft, shiny hair that will make you want to do nothing but brush, brush, brush!

3. Best Detangling Brush

You have: Fine hair, medium hair, damaged hair

You want to: Detangle

Use this type of styling brush: A plastic, cushioned oval brush

Look for a hair brush designed specifically for detangling wet hair. It should be fairly large—oval or rectangular—and have plastic bristles spaced wide apart. Look for flexible bristles with smooth tips that won’t snag or tear your hair. Your detangling brush will be even more effective if you apply a lightweight leave-in conditioner to your damp hair.

4.Best Hair Brush for Volume

You have: Medium hair, thick hair

You want: Volume and body when you blow dry hair

Use this type of styling brush: Thermal or ceramic round brush

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