You can take your pick from a range of coloring options. Global color for the entire hair. Individual streaks, highlights or lowlights for specific sections of hair.


Types of Hair Coloring Techniques
Highlights: Probably one of the first innovations in hair coloring, highlights brighten and add shine. Highlights work best in warm shades of gold, honey, amber, and reds and can be applied with permanent hair color or created with over-the-counter hair mascara, which usually wash out after one shampoo.

Twilighting: When you want a lighter hair color to show a subtle change, twilighting is the answer. Twilighting tones down too-bright hair colors by adding a few darker tones. Twilights are closely related to lowlights.

Lowlights: A hair coloring technique that adds real depth to hair color. Like twilights, low lights add darker tones and soften the look of over-lightened hair or add dimension to hair color that looks flat. A skilled stylist can weave up to three different colors into your hair by pulling a few strands here and there through a weave cap for a subtle look or foiling chunks of your hair for a dramatic, trendy look.

Veiling: Brightens and enhances old flat hair color by applying a semi-permanent glaze in a richer tone over a permanent shade.

Chunking: Takes large, random sections of hair and infuses them with new color. Chunking is a hair coloring technique that gives dramatic impact to your hairstyle, often by adding bright, trendy colors to natural hair color.