the Right Cut!!!

There's a perfect haircut for every hair type. Find out which hairstyles make the cut for your straight, wavy or curly locks.


It's a universal truth among women that nobody, we repeat, nobody, is completely satisfied with her hair type. Straight haired ladies with the long, flip-worthy locks that curly gals covet complain that their hair is too limp. Women with thick coils fret over frizz, while those with wavy hair sigh about their unmanageable curls.

Newsflash: It's not your hair type, it's your haircut. The right cut can make every head of hair behave. Give yourstraight hair the perfect cut, and you'll go from flat to full-of-life. Cutting your wavy, curly or highly textured hair with precision will leave you frizz-free with bounce in every step.

Before giving you a cut we will ask you a lot of questions like what is your lifestyle, what are your priorities, what looks have you loved,the amount of time you have in the morning to style your hair, etc. By asking questions we'll be certain to give you the look you desire! We will also give you a post-cut master-class on how to maintain the cut which means you'll leave looking cool rather than like a newsreader. In order to avoid another unsatisfactory cut and achieve a hairstyle that works, clear communication with your stylist is crucial